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What is trio? It is the new name of our multi-library consortium, which includes libraries from Washington, Dodge, and Jefferson Counties.

When does trio come online? After a short period of silence, during which time the SHARE catalog will be taken down, trio will come up on November 20.

Why is this happening? Trio is an upgrade to our existing catalog and staff software. When this process is finished, we’ll have a cleaner, easier, more friendly online catalog experience to share with you. It won’t take long for all of this to happen, but it will take some patience from all of us to see the process through.

Here are some dates to keep in mind:
October 21 — Holds can no longer be placed on items. We’re sorry about this, but we have to do this in order to prepare the data for the new catalog. All of the holds you have already placed on new things will be suspended and reactivated when trio comes online. You will not lose your holds, but it will take a little longer for us to get your stuff to you.

November 9 — This is the last day that new things can be added to the library collection. So any book or movie or music cd that comes out between November 9th and November 20th will have to just wait on a cart in the office. You can stare at them or smell them, but you cannot check them out. Sorry!

November 13 — The last day for checking things in, for making new cards, for updating information, for paying fines. From the 13th to the 20th of November, we will effectively be a stand-alone library. The computers and wi-fi will be working, and you can still check things out, but only if we have it on our shelves. This will be a challenging week, but we’ll get through it… together!

November 20 — The day will dawn bright and clear. Trio will be here! Everything will be back to normal! (Unless of course the upgrade crashes, then it will be a tricky day.)

If you have questions about these changes and updates, please talk to Library Director Steev Baker. He’ll try and answer your questions in as concise a manner as is possible (for him; he tends to be verbose).

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