We love you, but we hate your flu

 the flu, just chillingFlu season is upon us and all the talk lately is about H1N1 or swine flu and whether or not to vaccinate. We can’t tell you to get the vaccine or not, but we do urge you to please keep sick children (and adults) away from the library. Yes they get bored when they are home with the flu, but it is not helpful to library staff or respectful to other patrons to let sick people cough and sneeze all over our books and movies! Please do not check out material when someone in your family has been diagnosed with seasonal flu or H1N1. We don’t want to spread the sickness around! If you must have a movie or book, please use common sense in keeping the item as “clean” as possible and remember to continue washing your hands.

More info on the flu season:

DynaMed (H1N1 specific)

Ebsco (general flu)

CDC (H1N1 specific government site)



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