Tribal Histories: Potawatomi

End of harvest pow wow

Join us on Tuesday, April 14th at 6pm for a look into another culture as we screen a new documentary about the history of the Potawatomi people. Kewaskum, the man after whom our village was named, was a chief of the Potawatomi tribe whose main village was on Pike Lake, near Hartford, but who traveled all around Dodge and Washington Counties. The film, produced by Wisconsin Public Television, will talk about both the past of the Potawatomi as well as how they live today and features interviews with Jim Thunder, one of the last remaining native speakers of the tribal language. After the 30 minute film, stay for a discussion with Jessica Sawinski Couch, Curator of Education at the Washington County Historical Society. Ms. Couch will also bring a museum “Discovery Box” which contains 400-year-old stone tools and other artifacts from Wisconsin woodland Indian tribes from before contact with Europeans. This event is appropriate for all ages and is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact the Kewaskum Public Library.

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