Welcome to the Kewaskum Public Library Blog. What? What’s that? Are you serious, you don’t know what a blog is? I can’t believe it! Just kidding. Your naivete is kind of cute. Really. Not everyone can be web savvy or have their fingertips on the pulsing heartbeat of modern technology. Basically, a blog (short for web-log) is kind of like an online newspaper column–updated as frequently as possible by the writer. The blog as a medium is a means to instant, often free, publishing for anybody with internet access. You may have heard of blogs as a tool for the new journalists and politicos to propagate their wild theories and/or hot gossip without fear of sanctions. While this is true, blogs are also used by burgeneoning fiction writers, diarists, and everyday folks just like you! The KPL blog will be used to update the news on this website with any and all last-minute information–closings, cancellations, exhibits, events, new items, etc. Please bookmark this page and visit often!

Steev Baker
Director, Kewaskum Public Library

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This image has nothing to do with blogging; it is just one of many such old photos I am preparing to put online one of these days. It’s just a taste of what I can do with my newfound blogging powers!

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