October programs

This month we have a whole spate of programs for you! Yes, I said “spate.” And I’ll say it again:  spate.

On Tuesday, October  5th, at 6pm, join photographer Richard Yehl of the West Bend Camera Clique as he talks about how to take interesting and enjoyable photos. Mr. Yehl, who is also a member of the Photographic Society of America, has more than 50 years experience in taking pictures. Mostly self-taught, Mr. Yehl enjoys teaching others and sharing his photography insights. His presentation will include a walk-through of the photo exhibit by the Camera Clique at the library, discussion and a question and answer time. Middle school and older are welcome! Mr. Yehl will talk about techniques that can be used with digital as well as film cameras. This program will last one hour and is for photographers of all skills and interests.

On Wednesday, October 6th, it’s time to get “Money Smart!” A whole day of programs will be available in the Community Room of the Municipal Building (across the hall from the library). These events, sponsored by the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy, offer residents the chance to learn smart ways to invest, save, track spendings, and many more topics! A complete list is available here. Brochures are also available at the library. Please call us at 626-4312 for more information.

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