Stradtman Memorial

In the five years that I have worked at the library, there have been few people who have made me feel as welcome as David Stradtman. He was a constant source of encouragement, always with a kind word and insightful comments. When he joined the library board a few years ago, he brought with him a passion for learning and progress that helped get us through some big changes. He brought a dedication to hard work and fairness that was inspiring. He also brought a sharp wit and sense of humor that helped us not take ourselves too seriously. When I heard of Dave’s passing, I immediately thought of his courage in the face of his suffering and how, even while he was very sick, he still made the effort to come here and shake my hand and ask how I was doing. Dave was a very rare soul—a truly good man—and he will be sorely missed. I trust that David’s life of charity, strength, and kindness will continue to effect all of those with whom he came into contact—family, friends, students, and community members.

Steev Baker
Director, Kewaskum Public Library

The number of lives he touched will never be known for certain, but former educator and library board member David Stradtman’s contribution to the community has not ended despite his passing on December 10, 2005. Dozens and dozens of donations poured in from all over the country for David’s memorial, which he stipulated should go to the Kewaskum Public Library. His wife Irene presented the checks, totalling over $3000, to library director Steven Baker. The library board will discuss how the Stradtman Memorial can best be used by the library at the next board meeting–Monday, February 13, 2006.

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