The children’s computer is back!!

well, it’s not exactly back back, but we do have a new children’s computer at the library. when i first came here 5.5 years ago, we had a children’s computer that had never really been updated. it was very buggy and old and, despite it having been lovingly donated, we retired it.

well, the kewaskum lion’s club and the friends of the kewaskum public library have joined forces to donate funds for a brand new, completely updated children’s computer. we purchased the parts from an online shop and i put the thing together in my office. for those of you who care, it uses a shuttle brand “small form factor” case and mother board. so it’s small, quiet, and quite powerful. along with that, we were able to purchase a 19″ LCD monitor. it really is a thing of beauty.

in keeping with my DIY ethic, the games loaded on the computer will be predominately open source and independently-produced games. so come and enjoy beautiful looking games you’ve never heard of in the air-conditioned library this summer! and don’t touch the monitor!


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