2010: The year we make contact

Remember that movie 2010? Where that creepy guy from the first movie turns into a giant baby? And that guy from “Jaws” gets sucked into a big black rectangle? This year was nothing like that. In fact, it was kind of a let-down as far as futuristic worlds go. Our cars still had wheels, robots didn’t do our housework, no one lived on the moon. We did get the iPad, though. So that’s something.

This year was also my 10th year as director of the Kewaskum Public Library. When I started here, the library did not have DVDs, CDs or a single public internet computer. We were still stamping little cards with the due date and putting them in a pocket at the back of the books. Although things aren’t as futuristic as we had thought they would be in 2010, the library has seen plenty of changes. The biggest, of course, is the place that technology has taken in our lives. Everyone is online now and everyone needs access to computers. So we have those here, as well as wireless access for your iPods and laptops and whatever else may be coming in the next year or two. And the stuff available online is sometimes stuff that we used to offer in book form:  maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias. Basically the reference section. Soon even fiction will be read on electronic devices rather than paper devices. As we transition toward that inevitable future, we will continue to offer access to information. It’s what we’ve always done, it’s what we’ll continue to do.  It’s what we do best!

Thanks! Happy holidays,

Steev Baker, Director

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