A modern dilemma?

“Our society rightly takes great pains to protect children from physical harm, but seems to have lost sight of their emotional and social needs.”

From the Telegraph (a newspaper from the UK)–scores of academics, writers, and educators signed this open letter to the people of the UK (although I think we can all learn from it). Their statement demands a reply, whether that means scoffing at their label of a “fast-moving hyper-competitive culture” or taking to heart their call to public debate and policy making. The argument presented in the letter also begs parents, educators, and those of us in the cultural community to question how much and what kinds of popular culture/mass media we allow our kids to come in contact with. As the person who uses your money to purchase these types of materials for you and your children, it reinforces my belief that some types of pop culture are just not healthy for developing minds. People often wonder how collection development policies are created; part of deciding what to purchase for the library is based on the kind of research that this letter discusses.

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