Vote, you scallywags!!

I’m sure you all know that November 7th is the big day in Wisconsin. Mid-term elections with many state congress seats up for grabs as well as all of the major state executive branch positions open. In addition to these, there are two referendum questions on the ballot: one of them defining marriage in the state constitution and the other bringing capital punishment (the death penalty) back to Wisconsin after over 100 years of absence.

If you’re 18 and haven’t registered yet, now is the time to do it. If you live in Kewaskum and have never formally registered to vote, there are new state requirements that say that everyone needs to register. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, do it!! Wisconsin is known as a progressive state where people turn out to vote in numbers higher than the national average. Unfortunately, over the past few election cycles this has become less and less true. Currently, 896 people are registered to vote in Kewaskum. That’s out of a population of over 3,800. So let’s get serious and get registered.

Someone came in to the library today to ask about voting and she mentioned that she doesn’t know where to get actual information about the candidates (rather than just shouting, name-calling, and negative ads). I encourage you to turn off your tv whenever an ad comes on, then contact the person you voted for to tell them you did this. If we’re going to have less negative ads and soundbites, we need to send a message to the candidates to stop wasting their money on entertainment and start giving out real information.

Speaking of which:

Wisconsin State Election Board
offers links to the wording of the referenda.

Wisconsin Vote offers information on all of the major parties, candidates, and issues for this election.


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