"Everybody covered in blood"

The recent fictional memoir craze continues as O.J. Simpson gets ready to unleash his new and aptly titled work “If I Did It.” The “it” of the title is the infamous 1995 double-homicide for which he was acquitted on national television and which laid bare the celebrity-obsessed core of our pop culture. That’s right, Mr. Simpson has written a hypothetical memoir about murdering his ex-wife and her lover, a murder which actually occurred and which he was on trial for committing. To further complicate matters, in 1997, Simpson was found liable for the murders in a civil trial and ordered to pay over $30 million in damages to the family involved. So did he do it or not? The American justice system thinks he is innocent of the murders, but also that he owes the family of the victims restitution for the murders. The American public has always suspected that Simpson got away with murder because of his celebrity. I guess we’ll find out whenever the book comes out. Just don’t go looking for it at this library. . .


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