No longer allowed: the grooming of another person

from the new york times:

Increasingly, librarians are asking: What part of “Shh!” don’t you understand? [. . .] Librarians and other experts say the growing conflicts are the result of an increase in the number of latchkey children, a decrease in civility among young people and a dearth of “third places” — neither home nor school — where kids can be kids. [. . .] Rowland Bennett, who served as the director of the Maplewood Memorial Library for 30 years and is now president of the local school board, said libraries had become “the child care center by necessity.”

this library in a smallish town (23,000 people) decided to lock its doors from 3-5pm every day to keep teens out! it’s a sad solution when you can’t scrape together enough community helpers–i.e. people who care about teens–to keep the public library open.


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