Robots invade!

You may have gotten some phone calls lately from a decidedly non-human voice. This is our new automated calling system. Rather than spending an hour making phone calls every day, we will now be able to get books, movies and music out to you faster. Another digital “shortcut” we’ve decided to take is to give you the chance to log in to our internet computers without having to sign in at the front desk. Some other local libraries are switching to this method, which allows patrons to use the computers without staff intervention. Saves time for you, saves time for us. We’re still around if you have questions and we’re always happy to help, but these small changes will hopefully give us more time to update our collection by weeding more unused material, getting items out to you more quickly and updating our web presence more often. We hope you like the changes and find that the staff of the KPL is just as responsive and helpful as always!


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