2012 Budget approved

With no discussion between board members and a very quiet audience (it was a public hearing, which gives anyone a chance to comment on or discuss the budget), the 2012 budget was passed last night. You can download a PDF of it by clicking here.

It’s pretty simple–the biggest expenditures we have are staff wages and benefits, followed by utilities, phone and other facility payments. We spend $14,000 a year in books, which includes adult fiction and nonfiction, children’s fiction and nonfiction and reference material. Office expenses–library supplies, glue, tape, pens, staples, but mostly our copier and printer–come next at $4,000. Next is capital expenses, which usually means technology–computers and parts, maintenance on our router and hopefully a little for a new bookcase or something. Then we budgeted $3000 each for audios and videos–this includes books on cd, DVDs, music cds, and Wii and computer games. For magazines and newspapers, we spend around $2400. Other expenditures pay for our delivery service and circulation software maintenance agreement, programs, mileage for when we have to drive somewhere, and advertising.

The part that village residents are most  interested in is what they pay. The library portion of village taxes for 2012 will be $99,072. We’ll get over $60,000 from Washington County township library taxes and another $22,000 from Fond du Lac and Ozaukee Counties.

Questions? Please stop by and talk to Steev Baker, the library director.


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