Illinois sneaks up on social networking!

evidently illinois has never heard of web 2.0. or they just don’t care to join the “new media paradigm.” this bill showed up on the floor of the illinois state senate recently. short-sighted government interference or keeping the children safe? what do you think? be careful what you post, though, if you sign in to reply to a blog, you’re social networking!!! also if you’re on, gmail, flickr, youtube, myspace, facebook, anything with tagging, blogging, or file-sharing of any kind. . . let’s hope the virus doesn’t head north.

Section 10. Prohibition. Each public library must prohibit
1 access to social networking websites on all computers made
2 available to the public in the library. Each school must
3 prohibit access to social networking websites on all computers
4 made available to students in the school.

5 Section 15. Enforcement. If a public library or school
6 fails to comply with Section 10 of this Act, the Attorney
7 General or a citizen of this State is authorized to seek
8 enforcement as provided in this Section. The Attorney General
9 or a citizen shall first mail to the applicable administrative
10 unit or school board a notice of intended civil action for
11 enforcement that shall identify each public library or school
12 location at which a violation is alleged to have occurred and
13 shall specify the facts and circumstances of the alleged
14 violation of Section 10.

15 Section 16. Spb. Kpl.

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