Death and ________

I know, Hanukkah is barely upon us this year, but the time has come to turn to the subject of TAXES. Not how much you pay, but where you’ll get your 2011 tax forms. For a few years now, public libraries have been the only places where paper tax forms are available. Both at the state and federal level, revenue departments have been trying to persuade people to go digital. The problem? Not everyone has access to a computer. And not everyone with a computer trusts the posting of their earnings information to a website. 2012 will be a watershed year in terms of paper forms: at least a dozen states have so far said they will not print them. We recently had a letter from the Wisconsin Dept of Revenue warning us that we will be getting a reduced number of forms this year. So if you want to get your taxes done on paper, make sure to come in quickly after January 1st to see what’s available. Nothing is more fun than thinking about tax forms over the holidays!

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