What’s going on here??

As the first part in our multi-phase plan to offer more to our patrons without actually getting bigger, we’ve done some rearranging in the library. We’ve added a new internet station and a nice new big desk and also taken out quite a few things–two tables, two desks, a dozen chairs and a nice old shelving unit. What’s next? We’d like to raise some funds to purchase some new tall bookcase shelves and move our biography and large print collections away from our main stacks and then pull the audiobooks out from the wall and put those someplace else and most likely get rid of quite a few books on tape (people seem to only want CDs now). We’d also like to get some new racks for the romance paperbacks and kids’ movies, but I have no idea where we’d put those. But for now, we have a nice spacious front area with reduced seating, but an extra computer. So we hope you like that.


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