O, Timothy McSweeney

Here’s a typically hilarious short-short-short fiction piece published by the web version of McSweeney’s, a quarterly modern fiction journal from the brain of Dave Eggers. For those “in the know,” McSweeney’s has been a stalwart of indie publishing the past few years, publishing not only the titular journal, but also novels, the excellent non-fiction journal The Believer, the unparalleled DVD magazine Wholphin, and many other interesting projects (their store front shop in New York sells superhero supplies). Best of all, they help kids read, “do math,” and other great mentoring-type things with the “826” workshops. Basically, they are awesome in every way that book-loving library geeks everywhere can relate to.

So what is this post all about? McSweeney’s is feeling the crunch related to their distributor declaring bankruptcy last December. So they are having a “fire sale;” percentages off everything in their store including great deals on packs of their books, magazines, t-shirts and other stuff. I’m not telling you to buy anything from them, I’m just letting you know that the opportunity is there to support great art and idealistic writers.


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