"The future of our country is not in the hands of bullies, it’s with the kids in the library. . ."

Garrison Keillor, despite his spooky “folk renaissance man” act (he sings, he acts, he writes, he tells stories!), has a wonderful piece on Salon.com this week about libraries. Along with the quote above, Keillor refers to libraries as “one of the nobler expressions of democracy,” which may turn one’s brain to salad dressing while working out the ironic tensions of the phrase “nobler expressions” and offering patrons the latest cd from the latest 2nd-place American Idol contestant. Still, his point is well-taken, at least philosophically. Taxpayers give us a bunch of money every year, their hard-earned money, and we use it to offer them free information (and entertainment) and a place to go where freedom of expression is paramount. If that’s not democracy, I don’t know what is. And in an era when libraries are being defunded (not in Wisconsin, thank heavens) left and right, the leadership in Kewaskum has constantly voted progressively to allow your public library to not only maintain its collection, but grow in scope, in staff, in open hours. I hope you read the Keillor article, try to ignore the left-wing jabs at Republican candidates, and think about what libraries mean to the community and to the nation.

steev baker

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