The bedtime story

“Children ultimately learn to love books because they are sharing it with someone they love. . .”

This article doesn’t have much information about Dr. Zuckerman’s research, but right away it offers us a few things to think about:
1-The connection between what we do and what our children learn from us. Our kids copy us–our patterns become their patterns, our quirks their quirks, our bad habits. . . So if our kids see us reading instead of watching TV or if we take the time to read to them every night, they will learn to value reading and literature. Not just because we told them to, but because they associate it with the positive feeling of spending time with a parent.

2-Turning pages helps develop motor skills! Who would have thought that?

3-Kids who are read to regularly have better language skills. Not just writing skills or reading skills, but language skills. Communication. A stronger ability to make sense of the world around them through language.

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