Art Days / Computer classes

During the week of June 23, we will host our annual Art Days–a time for kids to create craft projects assisted by library staff and other community members. On June 23 and 24 from 1-4pm, we have lots of different kinds of projects from paper crafts to sculpture to how to collect and mount your own backyard insect specimen. Please contact the library if you are interested in signing up. Presenters this year are Roger Lindgren, Jill Wenger and Penny Neilsen, Jackie Scharfenberg from the Ice Age Center and Kalle Gilles, the KPL’s own children’s librarian.

Also this week we are offering computer classes at St. Lucas School. These classes, June 24 and 25, will cover digital photos–how to get them from your camera to your computer, how to edit them, how to save or send them and how to use a program called Microsoft Photostory. There are still plenty of spaces available in the classes. They are at 6pm at St. Lucas School computer lab. Classes will run for about 60 minutes and will be taught by Kurt Gosdeck.

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