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September 29th @6pm: Backyard Birding: The wonderful people of the Horicon Marsh will be coming to teach us how to make our backyard more attractive to birds and other wildlife. Native plants, proper food and clean water can all make a safe haven for many native birds and wildlife. We’ll delve into what you can do to help support a diverse variety of Plants and animals in even the smallest of backyards!




October 20th @ 7pm: Come, if you dare, to the Kewaskum Public Library and prepare to be SPOOKED!!! Could Wisconsin be even spookier than you realize? This FREE library presentation by Allison Jornlin of features little-known ghost stories from local history that will change the way you look at your state. Is your television a gateway to another dimension? Can a ghost confess to murder? Do unspeakable creatures lurk in the shadows? The fascinating answers to these questions and many more will be revealed.




Wednesday, November 16th @6:30pm at the Kewaskum Public Library. Learn about theabelincoln history of our nation from our establishment in 1776 through the end of the Civil War in 1865. This was a remarkable time of new ideas, tremendous change, and exciting growth in our young country! Yet at the same time, this period was also marked by great conflict and an uncertainty about our future as a people and a nation.

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